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With hundreds of hours of specialized education and training, we can create truly customized facials that best address your needs. Through careful consideration we have designed our Service Menu to inspire rejuvenation, transformation and relaxation.

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Signature Skin Sculpting Facial

120 minutes - $200

Our Signature Skin Sculpting Facial includes a variety of modalities depending on your specific needs!  Treatment include inner mouth release facial massage, facial cupping, facial reflexology, manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), Gua Sha, connective tissue manipulation, and LED. 

Our Signature facial creates movement to help with aging, acne, congestion, pigmentation, dull/lack luster skin, puffiness and dark circles.  Enjoy this 120 minute facial that brings hydration and nutrients back to your skin.

TMJ Relief Facial

60 minutes - $105

The 60 minute Buccal Facial is a multi-dimensional face massage for natural facial rejuvenation. It includes a facial cleanse with massage on the face/head/ears, neck, upper back, décolletage, and intra buccal (inside the mouth) area.  Facial also includes  manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), hot stones to rejuvenate and soften facial tissues, a hot towel, and finishing products.

Facial buccal massage is a precise and extensive massage of the face, neck and chest. It is the most powerful massage technique that can access the jaw and cheek area not only from the outside but also from inside of the mouth. Lymphatic massage is used to open important detox passageways that feed the skin and increases the ability to absorb vital nutrients. The buccal intra-oral massage technique will assist in releasing tension in hard-to-reach muscles, help unravel the muscle fiber, and bring relief to keep the jaw muscles smooth and supple.

When facial muscles become tense, it can impede proper blood flow and hinder the lymphatic circulation, leading to insufficient nutrient and oxygen supply to the tissues. The result of that is often a dull complexion, puffiness, and drooping of the cheeks due to the weight of water retention.


It is currently being used by many as an alternative to botox, fillers and more invasive procedures such as facelifts, due to its amazing anti-aging benefits.

Many clients find relief of pain from TMJ, sinus pressure, and headaches.

Pregnancy Glow Facial

60 minutes - $115

This 60 minute pregnancy facial is a customizable treatment that combines a range of modalities tailored toward your skincare concerns. It is perfect for expectant mothers looking to revitalize their skin.

The Quantum Facelift Facial

90 minutes - $175

A Mind, Body, Beauty Experience.  This facial has the power to connect with the whole body. It activates your body's natural ability to heal itself through stress relief and balancing your nervous system. Vibrant, healthy glowing skin starts on the inside. This treatment includes Connective Tissue Massage, Facial Reflexology, and Lymphatic Drainage massage. 

Connective Tissue massage is both incredibly relaxing and therapeutic. Pulling at the collagen fibers within the fluid of the face, allows it the space to let go and free itself of any unwanted restrictions. It opens up pathways for fluid exchange, releases tension, restores circulation, and hydrated and plumps the tissues to soften fine lines.

Facial Reflexology activates your body’s natural ability to heal itself through stress relief and balancing your nervous system. This technique induces a deep state of relaxation which amplifies its effects.

Lymphatic drainage massage will move out stagnant fluid under the skin‘s surface to make room for freshly oxygenated blood to flow in. This gentle, light rhythmic massage deeply nourishes all of your living skin cells and strengthens the immune system. Healthy Lymph Flow is the Fountain of Youth

Antioxidant Vibrancy Revival Facial

 90 minutes - $150

Experience the potency and power of phytonutrients in their organic whole plant form utilizing the finest organic skin care products available from Laurel Whole Plants Organics.


Transform dull, tired, and dehydrated skin to glowing, bright, and healthy skin with the help of herbal superfoods like Nettle Leaf, Cranberry Seed, Jasmine Flower, Frankincense Resin, and Calendula Flowers. Unprocessed raw, whole plants contain every vitamin, mineral, and enzyme imaginable for optimal skin wellness. This facial is ideal for most skin types with a primary focus on reducing stagnation, restoring life, and aging vibrantly.

The Reconstructive Facelift Massage Facial

 60 minutes - $130

The Reconstructive Facelift Massage a one-of-a-kind non-invasive procedure.  In this unique treatment, our primary focus is on utilizing a specialized massage technique called myofascial therapy to release restrictions in the fascia. The techniques used in myofascial therapy can vary but often involve slow, sustained pressure and stretching movements that target. areas of tightness, adhesions, or restrictions.

What sets this facial massage apart is its oil-free approach. We palpate the skin for information, to help us locate tissues that are less pliable, less supple, and less yielding. This personalized method allows us to tailor the treatment to address your specific concerns and target problem areas more effectively.

Pure Energy Facial Meditation Facial

45 minutes - $80
 5 treatment package (45 min each.) - $340

The Pure Energy Facial Meditation (PEFM) is a 45-minute meditative facial reflexology routine that is designed to induce deep relaxation, restore balance and invigorate energy flow throughout your body. By directly engaging with the intricate network of your nervous system, this remarkable healing technique brings about positive changes to your overall health and wellbeing.

In our modern world, prolonged stress takes its toll on our mental, physical, and emotional states. The PEFM activates your body's natural ability to heal itself and increases circulation, oxygenation, nutrition, and detoxification. Regular treatments train the nervous system to stay in a state of balance instead of a state of stress.

Consistency is key to unlocking the full potential of the PEFM. To experience optimal results, we recommend completing five treatments within a three-week timeframe. This allows your nervous system to reset. You will be glowing from the inside out and radiating with a new sense of peace and calm. The Pure Energy Facial Meditation when done regularly will help your body and mind work better in every way!

Gua Sha Facial Fusion

60 minutes - $125

Gua Sha Facial Fusion was created by Cecily Braden after many years of global travel by harnessing the beauty secrets and traditions of different cultures and combining them to create a unique and effective facial rejuvenation therapy.  The combination of Gua Sha with the herbal Thai poultice creates a harmonious synergy, enhancing the benefits of both therapies.

Facial Gua Sha is a therapeutic technique that utilizes a carefully contoured stone to glide across the skin to gently break up fascia and relieve tension in the face, neck, Decolletage, and shoulders, creating a pathway for energy to flow. As the stone traces the contours of your face, they help to sculpt and lift the facial muscles.The movement of Gua Sha works to encourage lymphatic drainage, increase circulation, reduce muscle tension, and allow for optimal nutrient delivery.

The warm herbal poultices infuse aromatic essences that work directly to calm the nervous system. As the warm poultices are gently applied to the skin you will feel the healing properties of the herbs work their magic.

New Client Consultation

All new clients are required to have a 15 minute consultation prior to any treatment.  Book 15 minutes prior to any treatment

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