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Get to Know Us

Welcome to Skin Sculpting Twins!  We are dedicated to providing you with a rejuvenating experience that will enhance your natural beauty.  We specialize in a range of treatments focused on facial massage to help tone and revitalize your skin. 
Traditional treatments are often thought to be beneficial, but they only target the surface layer of our skin and leave skin depleted. At Skin Sculpting Twins, we believe in enhancing our skins vitality through natural processes. Oh philosophy to healthy skin is a culmination of lifestyle, nutrition, and skincare.

We want every person to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin! 

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Meet Amy & Delana

amy almeida

Amy Almeida

delana east

Delana East

Meet Amy and Delana.  They are sisters with over 20 years of experience as aestheticians and are passionate about helping others look and feel their best. Their current passion is holistic skincare, with a focus on facial massage and bringing out the skin’s natural glow. Amy lives in Colorado and Delana in Utah.  Both enjoy spending free time with family and are continually learning about new skincare practices.  They love exercise, fitness and all kinds of different craft projects. They are excited to offer their services to clients in both states!

Our Philosophy

We truly believe in the power of our natural healing processes.  We believe that what we put in to our bodies, shows on the outside.  Through years of learning and growing, we've become more mindful of how the mind and body are intertwined. Their interaction can influence how we look and feel!  We believe in the beauty of aging and helping our clients discover a newfound love of their skin.  When we take time to be still and listen to what our skin is saying, we can find true healing.  

Meet the Team

addie calton

Addie Calton

Addie is a trained and passionate aesthetician.  She has a touch that instantly puts you into a state of relaxation.  Her mom taught her to have a love for aesthetics and skincare.  Addie specializes in facial massage.

melanie critchlow

Melanie Critchlow

Melanie is our "behind the scenes" for Skin Sculpting Twins.  She loves creativity and learning a wide variety of roles.  Before becoming a stay at home mom, Melanie worked in Marketing and Advertising.

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